New colorway! Mom’s Old Jeans


A new colorway for 2018!  8:00 am…..It was snowing; I took the batch of freshly dyed yarn off the clothes line and loaded them up in the laundry room.  They must have been relatively dry before the snow began because they felt dry in no time.  I took the arm load of yarn and laid it on the kitchen work table in a heap and just looked at them for a while.  What did it remind me of?  My mom’s jeans.  They must have been from the late 1930’s or early 1940’s.  They were cool…..worn denim color, with that faded orangish-brown thread detail.  I wore them regularly at one time, but kept them because they were slightly baggy, with rolled up legs; capri length on me, but probably longer on my mom.  Maybe the best name for this yarn is “Mom’s Old Jeans”.

Haven’t done up a sample in this color yet, but I will.

Check it out in the store!

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